A Celebration of My Creation!

A Celebration of My Creation

The Thrive Hive is Buzzing

As exciting as it can be to launch my own business and brand, I have experienced bouts of loneliness from not having others to share my work with.  Yes, people get to experience my services and that is super fulfilling.  However, it is those days and nights of brainstorming, putting pen to paper, developing systems, and having revelations that I am so fueled by or even exhausted by, yet no one, other than my cats Mischka and Sascha, is around… and sometimes they are sleeping or could simply care less about what’s happening with me! ;-)

It was such an honor to gather friends and clients around my business and to share my creations on Thursday, March 16.  To have my brand and its message received with such love and grace brings tears to my eyes - tears of joy and gratitude.  Those emotions make it so special!  That’s what keeps me on my mission to help women thrive in their unique lives... for helping others is what will also help me thrive!

I decided to host my launch party at my home because I wanted it to feel cozy and comfortable for all to relax and enjoy each other's company.  We had delicious eats, champagne, and engaging activities, all while connecting in laughter and stories of real life.  I shared the inspiration behind my logo, my new flyers, referral cards and menus.  I also demonstrated tips and techniques by doing a few makeup applications on guests.  It was a great time.

So, you see, this Thrive Hive is really starting to buzz. :)

I'm learning so much and have been working hard to see things through. The buzz I feel with each success makes me proud and the humility I experience throughout the journey keeps me grounded and motivated to learn more.

Although this "inner beauty" platform I am establishing is in its incipient stages, I am so delighted to apply my knowledge and skills in cosmetology through Thrive Beauty Services as an avenue to share my mission and philosophy. I will soon be launching a page on my website specifically for Thrive Beauty Services so stay tuned!

And remember to Stay Beautiful by Being You!