May Makeover Workshop

May Makeover Workshop

Thrive Beauty Services

Do you know the empowered feelings you get when your hair and makeup is looking good?!  Whether you’re having a good hair day or you see a professional, there’s nothing quite like the confidence boost we women can experience.  You see, inner and outer beauty IS connected.  As I develop my strategy to promote inner beauty, I find great joy and fulfillment in helping others with their outer beauty.  The opportunity to connect with people, to provide a service that will leave them feeling better about themselves, is what boosts my own confidence and helps me thrive.

Thrive Beauty Services is an at-home or on-site service that provides convenient, professional, wellness-focused beauty services for  one’s personal beauty needs, photo shoots, TV/Film, weddings & events, uses environmentally friendly products to promote a healthier planet and sustainable beauty, and offers beauty workshops and consulting that focus on inner and outer beauty.

I chose to launch with a simple menu of blow-dry services, makeup services & bridal services as I cater to the time-strapped woman who wants to look great for work, parties, or a professional event.  As demand grows, so will my services.  I’d be honored to service you, so please use the Contact Me section to inquire for more details.

A Thrive Beauty Services webpage will soon be launching with all the details!  In the mean time, I’d like to share with you about my next beauty workshop where I will teach you how to LOVE YOUR SUMMER MAKEUP LOOK!

Spring is here and Summer is upon us.  It’s a good time to freshen our look – from a dewy complexion to a light or bright lip!  Maybe it’s a good time to just look in your makeup bag and take inventory.  Has any of your makeup expired? Are you ever going to wear that again?!  Better yet, maybe it’s a good time to gather with some lady friends and get some help!

I’d like to take the guess work out of your makeup choices and share tips & techniques to get you on your way to your most efficient yet flattering makeup routine yet.

I invite you to my
Workshop Cost: $25

You’ll want to arrive on time so you don’t miss any of the steps.  We’ll have wine to boost your courage and light snacks to keep you nourished.  No stress permitted! :)
First, RSVP to let me know you’re in!  This workshop will be in a new space and I’m limiting capacity to 6 people.  Once you’re confirmed, bring your makeup bag and your brushes, if you have some.  Come with a clean face (or remove your makeup when you arrive).  I also encourage coming with an open mind so you can engage the artist within.  Your face is the beautiful canvas you will be painting on with your own products.  Lastly, please bring payment in the amount of $25 to the event. I accept cash, check, credit card and Venmo payments.

We’ll take it step by step… I’ll instruct each step with a demonstration (calling all volunteer models) and then you practice!  We’ll cover the facial features in the order below so you leave with a full face of makeup. (NOTE: If you don’t have makeup products for each area of the face, it’s okay! You can skip it or borrow something of mine!)
1) Complexion
2) Cheeks
3) Eyebrows
4) Eyes
5) Lips

I’ll bring some happy tunes to listen to while we enhance our natural features! Did you know that makeup is just an illusion?  Light colors accentuate and dark colors hide.  Have you heard of contouring?!  Contouring can literally create the illusion that your face is a different shape!  My hope is that you already love the shape of your face – because it’s perfect as is.  My goal is that you learn to love how you can enhance your natural beauty with the makeup you have!

Did I mention there’d be WINE?! This is not just a workshop, ladies.  This is an educational party!

Let’s play!