A Feminine Shift

A Feminine Shift

The Matriarchal World

I was honored this week to attend a talk by the beautiful and lovely Joanne Menon, who highlighted the ways we inherit programs and conditioning from our experiences, family, society, and business.  She spoke specifically about how we are evolving globally from a Masculine/Patriarchal way of doing & being in the world to a Feminine/Matriarchal way.  I appreciated having her, a conscious and spiritual woman, speak to what I've been experiencing throughout my adulthood.

Fresh out of college, I had an internship at Fox Broadcasting Company in Human Resources, where many men held executive positions.  I had the privilege of creating and maintaining organizational charts for approximately 500 employees and that included salaries!  I won't share confidential information here but let's just say #DisparityExists!  My first permanent position was as Executive Assistant in Business Development and a year later, I was transferred to Digital Media, a male dominated department that I worked in for 4 years!  In that time, I witnessed firsthand the following Masculine/Patriarchal mindsets and behaviors:

  1. Work harder, faster, better
  2. Shareholders first
  3. Depletion if necessary
  4. Work first. Family Second.
  5. Be practical.  Use only logical thinking, data, and rationale

Feeling depleted and out of alignment with my spirit, I made a career change that landed me in the beautiful city of Santa Barbara!  I was the Account Manager for salons and spas along the central coast of California, between Ventura and Paso Robles.  In this remote position, I operated alone.  "Go it alone" is another theme also attributed to the Patriarchal way.  How ironic that I took all my "masculine" programming from my previous career into a position and industry I had little to no experience in "alone" where I worked mostly with WOMEN!  This became a pivotal moment in my life where I observed a different way of working and being.  It made me aware of my own behaviors and what no longer served me - what I had to shift!  It was a blessing in disguise and humbling to change my ways to connect with others in a new way.

Below, I list the Feminine/Matriarchal themes that are opposite the five bullet points above, according to a handout that Joanne gave us during her talk. (There are many more themes on the handout but I want to highlight the ones I experienced most.  If you are interested in learning more, visit joannemenon.com and/or #GoogleIt!)

  1. Prioritize pleasure, collaboration, joy
  2. Tap into intuition and creativity
  3. Set healthy boundaries that benefit all
  4. Seek & utilize lessons of consciousness in difficulties
  5. Be expressive and use emotions as a guide

Obviously, these are very different approaches to work and life and I can imagine it will take many years for the Feminine/Matriarchal ways to be valued by the masses.  I am still working on what I need to shift and I invite you to take inventory of how your peers, family, employer and/or personal life is operating in ways that are both matriarchal and patriarchal.  Discover what no longer feels right to you.  Feel free to let it go and shift to what serves you, your spirit, and brings meaning to your life.

For all the women reading this, I leave you with this quote to inspire your greatest and most beautiful life -

I know this without a doubt: every woman has a calling, something she was born to do, someone she was born to be.  She has a particular slice of destiny that belongs to her and to no one else."

-Regena Thomashaueer