Connecting Beauty and the Environment: Part 3

Connecting Beauty and the Environment

Part 3: The Outer Self Beauty Bubble

On Sunday, March 9th 2015, I wrote about the connection between beauty and the environment. Last weekend, I wrote specifically about the INNER SELF beauty aspect... and today, we will look at the inevitable consequences of feeling beautiful within on your OUTER SELF beauty!

So what happens when our inner being is enriched? All the sudden we have a heightened sense of confidence. I often feel I accomplish more important things. And with that comes more confidence. These positive feelings create a positive energy that sets in motion many great things that are inevitable to take place in your life!

Have you ever heard of the Law of Attraction? What we focus on attracts more - positive or negative! So as we feel warm, happy, and fuzzy on the inside and honor and appreciate this, we can ONLY attract positivity on the outside, too! Isn't it cool?! You have the power to change anything that may be perceived as "bad" or "wrong" in your life. That power comes from within.

Believe in YOU! Do YOU! Be the Beautiful YOU you love so dearly! Your inner beauty feelings of self confidence, self respect, self worth, and joy will allow you to radiate a peaceful, healthy glow from your exterior.

Outer self beauty changes will begin to occur, as follows:

  • You will have a new, brighter, better demeanor
  • Your quality of life will begin to shift in positive ways
  • Your outlook on life will be enhanced; you will be self-inspired!
  • You will have, seek and/or obtain healthy relationships

New and exciting opportunities will come your way to continue to inspire you on your incredible journey

Improved complexion - yes, even your skin can look better as a result of caring for your inner self!

Once you are consciously in a place of feeling your unique inner and outer beauty, your attitude toward the environment around you, in which you live, will improve because you will attract and be lead to mirror this new positive energy you now possess.

Sending you love, bubbles, and joy!

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