Connecting Beauty and the Environment: Part 2

Connecting Beauty and the Environment

Part 2: The Inner Self Beauty Bubble

Do you remember playing with bubbles as a kid? Wasn't it fun? Should we play more in our lives? I think so.

We see doctors to check on the health of our bodies or to seek help when we are ill or experiencing dis-ease.

What do you do to check on the health of your mind? You may see a psychologist, you may ask your friends or family, you may do nothing.

In today's fast-paced society, we often feel angst and stress and at times our minds are littered with noise. To be fully present and conscious, it is important to be thoughtless at times. Our minds are to be used as a tool to allow us to accomplish tasks within our day. Otherwise, our minds should rest, just like our bodies when we sleep... and that can happen through play! Fun, right?

So what are you doing to maintain or improve the health of your body and mind? I have included some ideas below that you may wish to incorporate in your daily life to enrich your inner beauty and find positive change within:

Nourishment - sleep, eat whole & clean foods, exercise, meditate

Nature - spend at least 30 minutes a day outside (and without technology!)

Play - do something fun every day, even if only for 10 minutes! Play & fun that makes you smile :)

Spirituality - we are all connected beings. Define spirituality for yourself in whatever way is positive, meaningful and inspirational for you

Socialize - talk face to face, connect, look into the eyes of another, listen, share

Enhancing your inner beauty will absolutely result in outer beauty. Your accomplishing of what YOU define to provide you inner beauty will lead to feelings of self worth, joy, peace, self confidence, self respect and many other profound things. You deserve it all! Give it a try and next week we'll look at OUTER Self Beauty in more detail. Best of luck, beautiful you!

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