Connecting Beauty and the Environment: Part 1

Connecting Beauty and the Environment

Part 1

I would like to share a theory with you that could change your life and, when its understanding ripples across the globe, life as we know it. This theory is the connection between beauty and the environment.

I am passionate about sharing this message with you.

When a person feels good about him/her Self, they are more prone to want to feel good about and do something for the environment in which they live. The corollary: If one has the desire to improve the environment, they are more prone to do something positive about him/her Self.

In other words, the connection between caring for oneself leads to caring for the environment. Caring for the environment leads to the desire to care for oneself. It leads to an always beautiful earth for our pleasure and enjoyment during our short lives here.

Look around you. Are your surroundings a reflection of your inner Self? Are there elements of your environment that you'd like to change? If so, perhaps it's a reflection of something that you'd like to change within. I encourage you to practice with this - but start small! Take one step at a time and watch the transformation before your eyes. The more steps humanity takes toward inner beauty, the more outer beauty will manifest on our bodies - complexion, demeanor, attitude, etc. - and our planet - in relationships, quality of life, plants & animals, usage of our resources, clean air, clean water, clean foods.... and the list goes on and on in remarkable ways!

Below is a picture of this inextricable connection between the INNER and OUTER beauty of the SELF with the INNER and OUTER beauty of our ENVIRONMENT - your immediate surroundings or, on a large scale, planet Earth. WHAT BUBBLE WOULD YOU LIKE TO EXPLORE?

To elaborate on this theory, I will discuss each in the weeks to come. I will include the specific "bubble" I'm referring to in each blog post. Stay tuned and please join me in putting this into practice.

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