Concrete Jungle Where Dreams Are Made

Concrete Jungle Where Dreams Are Made

Inspired in New York

I am feeling really inspired in New York. I always get a nice boost of motivation when I come here. I could never live here but there's something about the energy I feel in this concrete jungle. I find myself so excited to go back to Santa Barbara and work on all the things that really move me... to give life its best shot... and do what I can to help others.

To me, there's a difference in work ethic on the east and west coasts. The west coast feels more laid back whereas the east coast feels fierce. I feel a fierce surge of energy when I'm in NY. You look around on the subway, on the streets, and there's so much going on... so much to be in wonder about... so much diversity. There's many shades of grey and brown, a gem of a park here and there, lot of trash, often times piled high, dogs and dog walkers, different ethnicities and social classes, smiles and poker faces, a sense of oppression and yet, most notably, a sense of excitement. I tap into the drives of others, creating opportunities in the best and worst parts of the cities of Brooklyn and Manhattan (where I've traveled), and I like the way it moves me! ;)

In all this, I know what's real for me. It's that I used to feel fierce but I don't want to anymore. I just want to flow with ease and grace and let my dreams unfold as they're meant to. I surrender my control to feel more peace in my body. I surrender any competitiveness to allow for synergy and creativity. I surrender my fears to trust in my dreams.

Even still, I look forward to coming back here for another beautiful rush of energy!