Going Off Drid

How observant are you?  How aware are you of the interactions of your day, the details on your drive, the rotten food in your workplace fridge?

I was having an enjoyable moment with a good friend of mine last Friday evening.  As our conversation flowed, he and I became aware of something profound we both agreed upon.  I like to think it was a divine collaboration of thought that had to be written down.  Like many of those quotes that circulate the worldwide web, this one packed a punch!  I am super excited to now share our quote with you!

Going off grid into nature forces observance of one's immediate environment

For some of you that may sound complex or woo woo. For others, it may resonate. In any case, I hope you think about it. Even take it for a spin out in nature and notice your... observations! ;)

In our normal routines, it becomes so easy to operate on "auto-pilot," which means doing things without giving much thought or effort. When we go "off grid," we don't take technology and our routine doesn't surround us. Ahhh. There's space and, wait, I can breathe!!! And I can hear myself breathe!!! And suddenly, we have the ability to really take in our environment. Its shades of color, its chirps, its smells. It's a calming way to fuel the soul and connect with the now moment. There's power in that!

Please. Give it a try and report back with your invigorating experience!

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