Words & Pictures


Words & Pictures

Finding and Feeling Beauty 

You may have heard at some point in your life that "a picture is worth a thousand words."

I appreciate how the movie Words and Pictures addresses and challenges that notion in a funny, romantic and clever kind of way.

Now, what really stood out to me from the movie was something Clive Owen's character said in a speech when addressing students about whether words or pictures are more important:

If our senses and consciousness were entirely in tune with nature, if we could communicate and understand each other, then there wouldn't be any need for art. In fact, we would all be artists because we would all be as one."

I think beauty is art, manifested in endless form, and it serves many great purposes of connection, expression, and understanding. What an inspiration! This quote not only reminds me to appreciate art in all its forms, it also speaks to my philosophical view that through nature, we can all find and feel beauty. We are masterful, creative artists and we are one.

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