Own Your Choice

Own Your Choice

Statements to Say Out Loud to Yourself

What feelings do you get in your body when you have to make a choice?  Tension?  Relaxation?  Nada?

What about your thoughts?  Do you think about your choices or the responsibility you have in making them?

There is no doubt that our beliefs, thoughts, actions, emotions, behaviors, decisions and results are all interconnected.  And guess what?  WE CAN CHOOSE ALL OF THEM!  (I apologize for the capital letters.  I usually find it offensive when people type with all uppercase letters, unless I know they want to yell through text.) But seriously, if I could, I would literally shout those 6 words from rooftops all over the world!

Say these statements aloud (or in your head if you're not feeling brave):

I choose to BELIEVE what is for my highest and best good

I choose to control my emotional self, instead of letting my EMOTIONS control me

I choose THOUGHTS that serve me or bring me joy

I choose to make DECISIONS that are thought out and supported by my heart and mind

I choose ACTIONS that are aligned with my values in life

I choose to see the RESULTS of my behaviors with contentment

All of life is set against the backdrop of peace, love and joy.  It is up to us to what degree we allow this into our lives.  When we stop projecting our beliefs onto the world and simply observe it, without judgment, in all its beauty and profound complexity, we move beyond our perceptions into the realm of truth.

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